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New international power plugs at Rhulani Safari Lodge

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At Rhulani we hope that travel restrictions will be lifted and our international guests will return soon. In order to better meet their needs in the comfortable accommodation of a luxury private chalet, we have just installed new, international power plugs in all rooms so that your electronic devices such as i-phones, tablets, cameras and laptops can be charged without an adapter.

New international power plugs installed next to the bed
We have installed new plugs on each side of the bed so that your i-phone can easily be charged overnight on the bedside table. A third socket is located by the small storage table. Each plug has two inputs according to international / European standards, as well as two USB charging options.

For our local guests of course we still have standard South African plugs. Additional adapters, if needed, can be obtained free of charge from our reception.

If you spend the time in our underground Tshembo Hide during the day and look out for animals that come by the waterhole, we have also taken precautions. There is now also the option of charging your devices with international sockets.

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